November 13, 201712:39 PM
Photos from Patrick Transports Bretagne's post IKEA electric oven. SOLD
This was given to me by a client. If anyone wants it in exchange for a donation to the SPA at Pontivy, please get in touch.

Thanks to everyone for their interest, the oven is now ...
November 11, 201705:56 PM
So, why is it that my sat-nav can tell me about an object in the road in 427 km, but it can't tell me that the road it wants me to turn in to has been closed for many, many ...
October 29, 201708:15 PM
Eiffel Tower ✓
Crazy roundabout at the Arc de Triomphe ✓
Silly cobbled streets ✓
Traffic jam on the Périphérique ✓
No photos, I was busy, but I'm sure you can use your imaginations.
October 14, 201704:35 PM
Photos from Patrick Transports Bretagne's post Patrick Transports Bretagne added 9 new photos.
September 27, 201711:44 AM
Tuesday 3rd October, collection from well known Swedish furniture store.
Brest this time, heading to south Finistère, then back to Rostrenen area.
Space available,contact me via Facebook, or at
September 5, 201704:06 PM
Place disponible dans fourgon, trajet Pyrénées-Atlantiques - Bretagne, 11/12 septembre.
Contactez-moi sur Facebook ou mon site
September 5, 201704:03 PM
Space available 11th/12th September from south west France (64, Pyrénées-Atlantiques) back up to Brittany.
Get in touch via Facebook or my website
August 30, 201712:10 PM
Marooned in Annecy, due to a power cut disabling the barrier of the car park at the flats where I've just loaded...
August 6, 201705:39 PM
Upcoming space available:
Thursday 10th/Friday 11th August, Nantes to Brittany;
Monday 14th August, Brittany to Paris/Picardy.
Contact via Facebook or
August 5, 201704:20 PM
Patrick would like to say to all the British Range Rover and Discovery drivers going the other way in the rain: YES YOU DO NEED HEADLIGHT DEFLECTORS!
July 9, 201701:35 PM
Semaine 29 (17-23 juillet) trajet Bretagne-cote ouest et retour. De la place toujours disponible
July 9, 201701:32 PM
Upcoming trip from Brittany down the west coast and back, week 29 (17th-23rd July). Some space available each way.
June 20, 201705:43 PM
Well if it wasn't warm enough in Brittany I'm off down south for a couple of days! Possibly some space available on the return leg, passing via Nantes (IKEA etc) - get in touch if you need anything collected.
June 10, 201705:44 PM
Busy week ahead - trip to Picardy on Monday, back via Normandy, then a few days trundling around Brittany picking up furniture.
Some availability for the following week, for all those things you'd love to buy but they're just a ...
May 15, 201710:55 AM
Space available Bordeaux area to Brittany and points in between. Collect Wednesday 17th, deliver Thursday/Friday 18th/19th.
May 11, 201710:05 AM
Return trip central Brittany-Rennes-central Brittany tomorrow, Friday 12th May. For everyone who'd buy something on "Stuff for Sale..." but it's a bit too far
May 11, 201708:52 AM
Place disponible
Bretagne-Lyon (et le long du trajet)
Semaine 21 (22 mai>)
Contactez-moi pour un devis
May 11, 201708:49 AM
Space available
Brittany-Lyon (and all points in between)
Week commencing 22nd May
Get in touch for a quote
April 18, 201707:38 AM
L'actualité du jour est que mon site web est maintenant en ligne! Regardez et donnez-moi vos avis. Merci à Bob Webb de AWD87
April 18, 201707:36 AM
So, today's big news is that my website is now live! Take a look at and tell me what you think. Thanks to Bob Webb at AWD87
April 10, 201709:25 AM
Trip to Rennes this week, returning to Rostrenen area with 5m3 of space. Can return via IKEA, But, Conforama etc
Trajet retour Rennes - Rostrenen cette semaine, avec 5m3 de disponible.
April 1, 201710:52 AM
Patrick Transports Bretagne Patrick Transports Bretagne updated their profile picture.
March 31, 201703:57 PM
Thanks to everyone for liking! Please be patient for the website, as it's still a work in progress...

Merci à tout le monde pour les 'likes'. Patientez un peu pour le site web, toujours en travaux...
March 28, 201701:57 PM
Patrick Transports Bretagne's cover photo Patrick Transports Bretagne updated their cover photo.
March 28, 201701:21 PM
Patrick Transports Bretagne Patrick Transports Bretagne updated their profile picture.

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